DragonFly Katana (custom)



Manufacturer: Kaneie Sword Art
Condition: Like new, used for Iaido trainings only
Total length: 102,5 cm
Blade length: 75 cm, incl. habaki
Kissaki: Chu Kissaki
Bo-Hi: No
Tsuka: 26,5 cm
Weight: 1150 gr
High Carbon Steel: T10
Temper: Differentially Tempered
Polish: Hand polish
Sugata: Shinogi Zukuri
Hamon: Gunome Midare
Boshi: Yakizumi
Fittings: Iron Tsuba, Silver-plated Fuchi, Kashira DragonFly Themed
Habak&Seppa: Brass Habaki, Silver Seppa
Tsuka Ito: Purple-Silk
Saya: Ishime (Black-Matt)
Fully dis-mountable: yes
Certificate: Yes
Custom made: Yes


The katana is hand-forged from T10 high-carbon steel. This steel is strong and flexible. The blade is differentially tempered using traditional clay method, the hardness reaches a larger cut of the back, resulting in a nuanced and beautiful hamon. This has the main advantages of excellent cutting-edge features and the softer and tougher back ensures an excellent attenuation of the beatings. The leaf is traditionally hand-polished and really sharp because the edge is sharpened Japanese whetstone.
The blade has no Bo-Hi so that more massive and less breakable, more resistant to hard targets. The Dragon Fly Katana Sword Arts of Kanei without Bo-Hi is very suitable for tameshigiri.
The extraordinary thing is that the katana Tsuba, Fuchi, menuki, Kashira and cotton are imported from Japan. The scabbard or saya has a black appearance and the sheath structure consists of black Japanese cotton cord. The grip or tsuka is covered with genuine ray skin and white or winding handle tsuka-ito is in Japanese purple cotton. The tsuba displays the water theme again, a nice combination with the dragonfly kashira.
Although you obviously Katana well as decoration can use this katana is really functional and suitable tameshigiri, Iaido, Aikido, etc. The katana also contains a signature of the smith and does comes with a certificate. This Katana provides a perfect balance between traditional and modern materials.