Raptor Series Shobu Zukuri Katana



Manufacturer: Cas Hanwei
Condition: Like new, used for Iaido trainings only
Total length: 106 cm
Blade length: 74 cm
Kissaki: Shobu style
Bo-Hi: No
Tsuka: 33 cm
Weight: 1200 gr
High Carbon Steel: 5160 Steel
Temper: Mono-Tempered
Polish: Machine polish
Sugata: Shobu Zukuri
Fittings: Iron Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira Raptor/Bird Themed
Habak&Seppa: Brass Habaki, Copper Seppa
Tsuka Ito: Black-Suede Leather
Saya: Ishime (Black-Matt)
Fully dis-mountable: yes

Manufacturer Link: http://casiberia.com/prod_Detail.aspx?id=SH2417


This particular sword is based on a graceful shobu zukuri style. Shobu means “iris leaf” and this blade shows a very traditional lighter, more elegant style of shobu than most robust Shobu Katana. The tsuka is wrapped with a black suede ito in katatemaki style (the so-called “battle wrap” or “one arm” style). The black saya has a simple stone texture.

Key Features:
– A Tough 5160 Through Hardened Shobu Zukuri sugata
– Traditional Construction
– Simple, elegant koshirae

The Raptor Series is the result of this cooperative effort.

The fittings are simple and based on the raptors, birds of prey. A gaudy, flashy mount for this sword would be out of place as these swords are meant for serious use. The sword is made of high performance unfolded 5160 steel, a high carbon steel renouned for its strength and durability. The blade has been heat treated in a non-traditional fashion to create a strong, durable modern blade. As a result the Raptors do not have a hamon.
This sword is non-traditional metallurgically but is made to be a modern, robust, strong, durable blade ideal for those new to Japanese Sword Arts. The blade’s geometry was also designed to be fully traditional in cross section but still robust to allow for higher performance under harder usage.