Bushi 1095 Katana in Wave Theme



Manufacturer: Dynasty Forge
Condition: Used for display only, perfect condition
Total length: 104.5 cm
Blade length: 74.5 cm
Kissaki: Chu Kissaki
Bo-Hi: No
Motohaba: 3,2 cm
Sakihaba: 2,5 cm
Tsuka: 28 cm
Weight: 1150 gr
High Carbon Steel: 1095 High-Carbon Steel
Temper: Differential Clay-Tempered
Polish: Hybrid polish
Sugata: Shinogi Zukuri
Hamon: Midare
Boshi: Ko-Maru
Fittings: Iron Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira Wave Themed
Habak&Seppa: Brass Habaki, Copper Seppa
Tsuka Ito: Green-Silk
Saya: Kuroro (Black-Gloss)
Fully dis-mountable: yes

Manufacturer Link: http://www.dynastyforge.com/index.php/Bushi-Class-1095-High-Carbon/28-1095-Bushi-Katana-in-Wave-Theme-Gloss/Detailed-product-flyer.html


Starting with a single pure billet of 1095 steel, the blade is hand-forged until malleable and shaped to form. The Bushi 1095 blades then undergo the traditional clay-tempering process. The resulting white Hamon lends the steel another layer of intricacy as well as creates a differentially hardened edge. The Bushi line is given a high-grade hybrid polish. Using modern techniques and machinery, the blade is shaped and rough polished. The final stages of polishing are done by hand to ensure a smooth and elegant finish. This process, while faster than a traditional hand-polish, also tends to be more resistant to scratching and wear and tear while still displaying the Hamon, making it ideal or mid-range swords meant for either use or collection.

The Bushi 1095 line strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modern materials at an incredible value. Offering the same strength and geometry of our popular Daimyo 1095 line combined with a harder wearing hybrid polish, the Bushi 1095 line excels as a functional sword. Our Bushi class offers great value while remaining faithful to the principles of superior Japanese sword design and esthetic’s.